Will you shoot anywhere in America or around the World? 
Absolutely! We love to travel and love couples with a heart to see the world. Our passion has taken us to places as far away as Jordan so no place it too far. Our packages are slightly different for destination weddings, so please reach out for more info. 
Are the images that we receive edited? 
Yes! Every image you get will be edited. The type of editing we offer to every client includes color correction, exposure adjustment, and our special magic to give your images the full Soma treatment. 
Do we own the copyright? 
No. Soma Photography will always be the sole owner of the copyright of the images we create. However, with your package you are given the rights to print your images. 
Can we edit our own images? 
No. We work tirelessly creating your images, and that includes editing. So we kindly ask that you leave that to the professionals. 
Can we post our image on Social Media? 
Is that a serious question? Post away! We only ask that you kindly credit us so that your friends and family know where to find us. 
Are the images we receive in our digital gallery high resolution? 
Yep! Not only that, they come in on a crystal USB drive.
Can we print our own images? 
Sure! You are more than welcome to print your own images. Just be aware that common places to print your images typically are not calibrated to represent the true colors which can throw off the colors drastically on the print. To ensure you get accurate colors and photos that won’t fade or fall apart over time, we recommend printing your images through our professional printing lab. We take all the effort out of it for you. Just let us know what you want printed. 
What happens in an emergency if you can’t be there? 
In an emergency, do not worry! Your wedding day is covered. We are a part of one of the most amazing networks of talented photographers in the area. If one of us was unable to attend your wedding due to an emergency, we would replace ourselves with someone equally as talented (or better!). But rest assured, we know that your wedding day holds great responsibility which we take very seriously. We simply don’t take “sick days”. 
What kind of equipment do you use, and what happens if it breaks? 
We use a large variety of different professional equipment, we primarily use Canon and Nikon equipment! We bring second and third backups of everything we have…which explains all of the luggage when we arrive! 
How long does it take to get our images back? 
You will get all your finished images within 90 days of your event. 
Do you offer wedding albums? 
Yes. Albums are included in all of our collections. Additional albums and spreads are available to add on to your package as well. Click HERE for more information on our albums.
Are there any hidden costs? 
The only costs that you will incur after the initial cost of your package would be things that you would choose to add to your package. Examples of that would be, additional pages in your album, extra travel costs outside of the agreed upon mileage, parking fees, food/lodging if your wedding is considered a destination wedding, extra albums/canvases, prints, or special editing requests. 
Are we able to customize our package? 
Absolutely! Every collection is completely customizable or you can start from scratch and create your own! 
How long is the engagement session? 
A typical engagement session lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. We will schedule your session a hour and a half before the sun sets. 
Can we shoot our engagement session on the weekend? 
Yes and no. If you want to shoot your session on a weekend it would have to be during our off-season (December through April). During wedding season (May through November) weekends are reserved for our scheduled weddings, so all sessions during that time are shot on weeknights. ALL sessions are subject to availability. 
How will we know how much time we need for pictures? 
If you plan on having a wedding planner, you can feel free to put them in contact with us and we will work with them to make sure you have plenty of time for beautiful images. If you do not have a planner do not worry! We will work with you to create a timeline of your day to ensure there is plenty of time to capture your day completely. 
How many images will we receive from the engagement session? 
A typical engagement session yields 30-50 
How far will you travel for the engagement session? 
We will travel up to 25 miles for an engagement session before a travel fee will be assessed. 
How do we book you? 
Once we have met and you decide to book us, we will send over an electronic contract and invoice. That means, everything can be done online! Once your deposit is paid AND your contract is signed, you officially have that date reserved for your wedding! 
How do the payments work? 
As a convenience to our clients, we break the payments up into 2 payments to make it easier on your finances. The first payment is due at the time you sign your contract. The final payment would be due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. We do offer payment plans if it is easier to break up your fees. However all fees must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. 
How do we pay you? 
We accept payment via credit card, pay pal, cash, or check. 
Is this your full time job? 
You bet! This company isn’t only our passion, it’s our baby…and we treat it that way! 
What do we do if it rains on our wedding day? 
We’ve got you covered. Pun intended. When hiring Soma you can rest assured knowing that you are hiring professionals who know exactly how to manipulate light to take gorgeous indoor photos. For the more adventurous couples we know how to make some pretty epic images in the rain/snow as well. 
Do we get all the pictures you take on the wedding/engagement day? 
No. But you do get the best images that we take. We weed out the ones that are maybe not so pleasing to the subject, or ones that aren’t up to our standards, in a process we call “culling”. We take great care during this time and choose only the best from the day. This selection process is a part of our creative expression, and we take it very seriously. 
What happens if the weather is bad for our engagement session? 
Usually 24-48 hours before your session, we will stalk the weather like crazy. If there is a good chance of rain, we will reschedule for the next available date that we can both make work. No fees are charged for rescheduling engagement sessions.